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Terceira Island - Many were the galleons that cast anchor here, weighed down with cargoes of spices from East and gold and silver from America. The straight streets of the city take visitors back to the atmosphere of the 17th and 18th centuries. Admire the green patchwork of level fields dotted with the white silhouettes of dairy cows. The brush-strokes of vibrant colour between white-washed houses. The laughter and pirouettes of boys showing off their talents at the traditional "tourada a corda" - a variation on bullfighting. Enjoy a quieter moment on a golf course bedecked with flecks of criptomerias from Japan. This is the kaleidoscope of shapes, scents and colour awaiting the visitor on the island of Terceira. Where past meets present to provide you with fulfilling, rewarding holidays.

Angra do Heroismo: A city granted world heritage status. As a prime example of European town planning from the 16th century set in the middle of the Atlantic, Angra do Heroismo fully deserves its world heritage status.
For its streets that maintain the distinct architecture of times gone by, to its myriad churches, palaces and museums. For the study walls of its fortress which defended the city and port from many a pirate. After appreciating all that Angra do Heroismo has to offer, visitors should get to know the "old town" of Praia da Vitoria.
Here you will find the gothic church of Sao Sebastiao built by the first settlers. Then there are the manors, churches and chapels of Sao Carlos, Fontinha, Sao Bras and Lajes. The real masterpieces of popular architecture were built in honour of the Holy Spirit.

Wander, discover… and play golf
Terceira is not just about history and monuments. It also boasts breathtaking countryside alluring you to take a stroll and mountain ranges bedecked in flowery meadows with the sea and sky as a backdrop. Visit the curious Guilherme Moniz volcanic crater measuring 15 Km in circumference. Discover the caves in Algar do Carvao with their walls of lava and basalt.
An 18-hole course to challenge even the most proficient of golfers. The abundance of fish in the ocean makes Terceira a fisherman's paradise. Diving, wind surfing and sailing are the main sports to be enjoyed on this island.

An island of never-ending festivals
From May to September Terceira is a permanent festival of colour and secular traditions. The Festas do Espirito Santo (Holly Spirit Celebrations) bring to every village in the island the ceremony of the crowning of the "emperor" followed by charity dinners where food and drink are enjoyed in abundance. The festas Sanjoaninas with their interesting parades and the traditional bullfights, often with hilarious incidents, are other events, which attract hundreds of visitors to the island. Festivals mean good food. The traditional cuisine is famous, with its exotic aroma of rump of beef, blood sausage, and special octopus recipes.
Deserts come in all shapes and sizes and are a gastronomic delight. Such cuisine wouldn't be complete without Biscoitos wine, a wine of such renown that museum was constructed in its honour to chronicle the pleasure it has brought to many a palate.