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São Miguel, The Green Island - Picture lakes of breathtaking beauty. All the hustle and bustle of a large city alongside ample quiet green open spaces adorned with flowers. Museums, churches and palaces embellished with treasures of art and history. Golf, walking and cycle paths, horseback riding... Or simply some time relaxing in the sun and sand. All this and more on an island catering for those who love culture and sports... or who simply delight in the contemplation of Nature.

Lakes and so much more - São Miguel's lakes, the inspiration behind many a poem, are what first captivates the heart. Sete Cidades, where emerald green and sapphire blue are the dominant colours is the source of the legend of sorrowful princesses, of lost kingdoms. Fogo lake, a dramatic landscape of lava and sea. Furnas lake, mirroring its surroundings like a fairy tale image overlooked by a chapel's gothic tower. Then there is Vale das Furnas, a vivacious garden at the bottom of a vast crater where hot water springs run free. Within you'll find the romantic Parque Terra Nostra [Park of Our Land], where exotic tropical species blend with varieties from Nordic countries. The fervent vapour of "Caldeiras" is reminiscent of the original volcano of the island. Finally, visit the only tea plantation in Europe whose vantage points allow you to look out across the rolling pastures dotted with lazy Holstein cows, the dense woodlands and the inevitable riot of flowers.

Ponta Delgada - A charming city set within the confines of a wide inlet, Ponta Delgada is the tourist heart of São Miguel. Museums and monuments abound, and historic streets connect hotels, restaurants and shops. A marina harbours sailboats from Europe and America. For those who enjoy after hours entertainment, the night brings with it a touch of animation. On the other side of the island the mother church in Ribeira Grande boasts the curious "Arcano". Island landmarks include Lagoa, Nordeste, Povoação, all landing spots of the first settlers. Vila Franca do Campo, was the island's very first capital.
Active holidays to suit all tastes - There are two flower bedecked golf courses to choose from. Bird Watching hides, native greenery and phenomenal volcanoes. Diving centres to observe fish and submarine terrain. Beaches beckon you to bathe in an ocean warmed by Gulf currents or to take on the waves on a surfboard. Tennis, horse riding, sailing and deepsea fishing are among the other pleasures offered by São Miguel for an invigorating and action packed holiday.

Shopping and gastronomic delights - Take in the blue tinged ceramics from Lagoa or the picturesque clay pottery of Vila Franca do Campo. The delicate embroidery and the decorative wicker work are crafts which maintain secular traditions and serve as delightful souvenirs of Sao Miguel.

Who could ever forget the unique taste of the delicious cuisine of Furnas, prepared on volcanic rocks or the fresh fish and shellfish, the tender meat grilled simply or prepared according to ageold traditional recipes. The culinary feast continues with deserts flavoured with fresh pineapples, traditional sweets, and the celebrated "passion fruit liqueur". Turning your meal into an experience you'll never forget.