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S. Jorge - The infinite hues of green extend over valley and mountain alike. The Tranquility of vast open spaces where the silence is broken only by the songs of the birds and the cries of the hawks.
This is Sao Jorge, a huge stone vessel whose anchor is cast forever in the deep blue sea. The perfect destination if you're looking for holidays where you can be at one with nature.

The island for true nature-lovers
A trails winds its way between pastures and tree groves, rising to the heights of Serra do Topo. Another takes you down to the Faja de Santo Cristo, a strip of land carved out of the cliffs with a small ocean-side pool. These are just some of the pleasures awaiting those who explore Sao Jorge following the paths used by the farmers and where their cows graze in the green pastures.

Here and there, small cheese-making plants are to be found where one can see how the thick, creamy milk is transformed into the island's great cheeses- the perfect starter and the source of the island's widespread fame.

Trekking across Sao Jorge is a real discovery. Its landscape takes you back in time to a primitive world. A world in evidence from the woolen quilts spun on antiquated wooden looms and displaying old ancestral patterns. A church tower scarred by previous volcanic eruptions. Visitors take their leave reluctantly, imbued with a strong desire to return and rediscover its tranquility.