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Santa Maria - The slopes are like colossal staircases covered in vineyards.
The typical slender, elegant chimneys serve as a reminder that early settlers hailed from the south of the Portuguese mainland.

From the pages of history of Vila do Porto and Anjos, where Columbus set foot after his first trip to America.
This is the charming island of Santa Maria, bathed in constant sunlight. Beaches, stunning scenery… Holidays that dreams are made of Santa Maria boasts the Azores' most exquisite beaches with its deep alluring bays-and enjoys the most hours of sunshine.

Its waves are fit to challenge the most adept of surfers. For those who enjoy an action-packed holiday, deep sea fishing and wind-surfing are also available. Or if you prefer relaxing holidays "to recharge your batteries", you can sit back and enjoy the bucolic landscape, the contracts between the verdant mountains and the barren flat country, the placid rhythm of the rustic life, the beech-tree lined paths, and admire the shell forms of the Bay of Sao Lourenco.

Vila do Porto, Santo Espirito, Anjos and Sao Pedro are all locations that offer visitors impressive churches, convents and fortresses which take you back to days gone by. During a stay in Santa Maria treat yourself to fresh fish, savoury limpets and barnacles freshly plucked off the rocks.

Partake of desserts created from traditional recipes. And don't forget to take a sample of local arts and crafts and a longing sentiment to return.