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Verdelho Wine in Pico IslandVine growing on the island of Pico began towards the end of the 15th century when the first settlers arrived on the island.
Thanks to its nutrient-rich volcanic soil and the hot, dry microclimate of its slopes, the vines of the verdelho grape variety found exceptional conditions for their ripening. This was why this wine acquired its own specific properties, and the landscape in which it is found, heavily worked upon by man to transform the rock into arable land, is now included on the list of world heritage.
During your visit to Pico, this will be one of the island’s most interesting features, marking the landscape with the small grid-like squares formed by the basalt stone walls.

Continuing over the years to produce wines of quite exceptional quality, the Pico Island Winemaking Cooperative has recently launched some new wines onto the market, most particularly "Lajido", the legitimate heir of the old "verdelho", and some quite distinctive red and white table wines.

Taste one of them and then bring a bottle or two back as a reminder of your visit to the Azores.