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Graciosa - Vineyards sprout between the walls of black stone.
The white silhouette of a windmill stands out against the blue sky.
The serenity of a life practically cut off from the rest of the world following the rhythms of the seasons. This is the universe of the small island of Graciosa, framed by the white, frothing sea. Where each day of your holiday is a refreshing pause or a deep encounter with serenity.

From vineyards in "corrals" to art treasures. Discovering Graciosa means taking a stroll through the checked pattern of green vines bordered by "corral" walls of hardened lava.

Stroll up the rolling hills and you will discover quite magnificent vantage points. Admire the luxuriant vegetation of the Crater. Enter the very depths of a dormant volcano in Furna do Enxofre and discover its mysterious underground lake. Discover the deep inlets and islets of the coastline, the stuff dreams are made of.
Santa Cruz's street lined with small white-washed houses take the visitor one or two centuries back in time.

The main church houses valuable works of art including valuable Portuguese paintings dating from the 16th century. Where there are vineyards, there is wine…. the whites and reds of Graciosa form the ideal complement to the fresh fish, shellfish and meat dishes offered up by local cuisine.

To round off your meal, nothing goes down better than a traditional desserts and a glass of aguardente (brandy), distilled in old copper stills. Holidays in Graciosa are simple, healthy and calm. When it is finally time to say farewell, it is as if you are leaving " the land that time forgot"