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Flores is primitive nature gone wild.
This is in evidence from the peaks and hills which sweep steeply down towards the coast. From the blue mirrors of its seven lakes which shine like faded jewels out of the enveloping green. From the constant murmur of the slopes towards the sea. And, above all, the rainbow of colours sprinkling the entire island with all manner of hues.

Refreshing holidays spent amid an array of flowers
The beauty of the landscape of Flores beckons you to take a stroll through its flowering hydrangea bushes which cover the entire island in a vibrant blue hue. There is so much to see and appreciate: from the liquid mirror of the lakes at the foot of the viridescent volcanic craters to the gigantic basaltic prisms of Rocha dos Bordoes. From the horizons where earth meets sea, to the sweet melody of the birds and the wide variety of flora.

Diving into an ocean teeming with fish set between multi-coloured cliffs, trout-fishing in the island's streams or taking a swim in the pools dug out of the lava by the sea are only some of the ways to add life and colour to your holiday.
Your visit would not be complete without a trip to the magnificent villas of Santa Cruz and Lajes, dating back to the 15th century settlements as well as the picturesque villages of Fajazinha and Fazenda das Lajes set deep in the valleys or on the heights of the cliffs.

Whether you're looking for an action-packed or more relaxed holiday, this island will recharge your batteries and allow you to be at one with nature.