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Faial Island - Experience the rush of a duel fought out with a combative swordfish. Meet yachtsmen from all over the world during happy hour at a local bar. View the mysteries of volcanic caves where shoals of multi-coloured fish hide out. These are just some of the activities lying in store on the island of Faial where an action-packed holiday awaits you.
These also blend in well with the whitewashed houses of Horta, city of romance and adventure. The sweeping greenery of the rolling hills and vibrant reds of the picturesque windmills. The contagious rhythm of a life where tranquility and happiness are spiced by a dash of energetic cosmopolitan atmosphere.

A blue island bedecked in green
Faial is a water-colour where two colours stand out. The fresh green of the grass and the darker green hues of the criptomerias. Mile after mile of hydrangea in their many shades of blue stretch out across the fields blending in with the sea and sky. To complete this picture of paradise, the intense brush strokes of the dark volcanic ash of Capelinhos where, even after the passage of many decades, plants still refuse to grow.
The island of Faial is an open invitation to walks amongst rustic landscape. Try out the ascent to Caldeira, which conceals a massive crater carpeted in tones of moss. Admire the majestic profile of the mountain of the island of Pico and the islands of Sao Jorge and Graciosa. During summertime, soak up the sun on the sandy beaches of Porto Pim and Almoxarife to name but two.

The city you won't ever want to leave
Streets lined with neat rows of white-washed houses and local squares adorned with gardens. Admire the bell-towers of churches which house works of art. Museums accommodating precious sculptures created from whales teeth and fig tree pith. Observe the dark walls of an ancient fort built to hold off pirates. Stroll along the elegant curve of an avenue along the ocean. This is Horta, a city which greets its visitors with a smile. Where the passing of time is a unique experience.

The most colourful marina in the world
The yachts sail in from all four corners of the globe. Crews retain their fascination for Faial for days, weeks and even months, spending hours socializing in the cosmopolitan and renowned Peter's Café. Before taking their leave, seafaring travelers leave behind them a picture of their boat on the marina wall-thus transforming the wall into a rainbow of art and imagination.
The Horta marina is also the point of departure for big-game fishing boats which, year after year, catch record-breaking fish. The ocean surrounding the island is an immense aquarium where blue and white swordfish, tuna and dogfish are ready to engage fishermen in vigorous battle.
Faial's reputation for water sports is complemented by its underwater observation. And the highlight is surely the Semana de Mar (Ocean Week) in August with its Yachting regattas and whaleboat races, a lively festival which sets the entire city alight.