Whale Watching in Faial and Pico
Whale watching
The triangle made up by the islands of Faial, Pico and São Jorge, with the respective channels, is one of the richest reserves for big game fishing in the Atlantic, a challenge to sport fishermen.

Fishing off rocks and from boats is rewarded by the capture of the most varied species but the adrenalin rush from a struggle with a wily marlin or a weighty shark, hours spent in bars enjoying the company of yachtsmen from all over the world or the mysteries of the volcanic caves where shoals of brightly coloured fish hide are some of the most irresistible features of the island of Faial.

If action holidays are for you, Faial is a must.

Faial is like a watercolour in which two colours dominate: the green of the grass and the dense plantations of cryptomeria, and the numerous shades of blue of the kilometres and kilometres of hydrangeas that outline the fields and merge with the sea and sky.

The island extends a permanent invitation to enjoy bucolic walks, without the steep hills and escarpments that pose a challenge to climbers, to visit the Caldeira which conceals a large and poetic crater in mossy shades and to marvel at the majestic silhouette of the mountain rising up on the island of Pico