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Corvo Island - White-washed houses overlooking a ravine by the sea. Lakes of clear blue water at the bottom of deep craters. The striking green of the landscape.
A Community that still keeps up long-standing traditions from a bygone age. Corvo is an enchanting spot, a strip of land set in the center of the ocean which takes us to a world which time forgot, preserved by years of isolation. A memorable experience which you will never forget.

Island of everlasting calm
A stroll along the town's scant streets lined with colourful houses is all it takes to become acquainted with Corvo. Visit the only church in the town which has preserved its cherished 16th century Flemish image.
Scale the heights of Monte Gordo to admire the lakes interspersed by islets at the bottom of the Crater. Lap up the sea skylines and the view of the island of Flores.

For those who would like first-hand experience of how the islanders live, a two or three-day stay-or even a week-is recommended to really soak up the sincere warmth of its hospitality. Accompany the miller to his white-sailed mills. Watch the fishing boats as they head out to the sea under the hazy light of dawn.

Experience the relaxed rhythm calm in the knowledge that you have shared in the simple life of a small community.